What is a Mommy Makeover?

Today there is a lot of talk or references to a mommy makeover but what exactly is meant by a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover is not a procedure or actually a set of procedures which is restricted to new mothers however it has gotten that term due to the fact that the largest group of people to make use of these procedures are new movers. The next question people ask is how to do a mom makeover and that is one which is easily answered because it is not something which is actually done by a mother but rather something which is performed by a plastic surgeon with the mother only making a request to have it done.

A full mommy makeover can consist of several procedures including a tummy tuck, breast adjustment, and liposuction, all of which can return a mother’s body back to what it was before she became pregnant or perhaps even improve on that. A tummy tuck is the removal of excess fat from around the abdomen, usually from the sides of the waist area. Breast adjustments can either means making them firmer and uplifting them or increasing their size, perhaps even both. Liposuction is where body fat is first broken down and then removed by use of a strong, special vacuum cleaner. Liposuction can be carried out on many different areas of the body including the legs and arms, buttocks, abdomen or perhaps even the chin if requested.

Although these procedures can be carried out on anyone, it is because women often put on extra weight during pregnancy or lose breast size after which makes this the largest group that requests these types of elective surgery. The procedures, often referred to as plastic surgery, are rarely life-saving operations and so are only carried out at the request of the people to undergo the surgery but today in the US and Uk alone, over 300,000 requests are made annually, making these procedures very commonplace.

Plastic surgery was once thought of as something only the rich and famous would undergo but as they have become increasingly popular, they are no longer considered exclusive to the wealthy and many new mothers from all walks of life are now requesting one or more procedures to be performed on them. Another reason why these procedures may be becoming more popular is the advances in them which mean that they are no longer considered experimental procedures but are now routine operations carried out by hundreds of doctors all across the country.

As with any procedure which is optional, in other words not life-saving, it is, of course, recommended that someone contemplating one, should first learn as much about the procedure as possible before requesting it. Today there are several websites which accurately and fully describe what exactly is entailed by each of the different procedures and what results can be expected. Any procedure regardless of how safe it may now be should perhaps only be requested if the results are thought to be worth the experience.